VR 3D Mark-ups with Screenshots

Fuzor's VR Mark-up ability lets you draw 3D freehand mark-ups in VR space using your Oculus Touch or HTC Vive hand-held controllers. 3D mark-ups can be made in all 3 dimensions in differing colors for clarity. Once your 3D mark-ups have been made, you can take a VR screenshot of them from any angle. VR Mark-ups and VR Screenshots can also be used in conjunction with VR Scale Mode to create large scale mark-ups.

The VR Mark-up and VR Screenshot abilities solve several problems. Since mark-ups are 3-dimensional, they can be used to indicate depth and direction, which can be difficult to impossible using standard 2D mark-ups. Create these mark-ups in VR space and taking screenshots from several angles adds context to single markup that would otherwise require several mark-ups to convey.

VR Mark-ups can be used to create 3D sketches of proposed additions or improvements. When used in conjunction with VR Scale Mode, the proposed additions can be made at the site or building level, then viewed again at a 1 to 1 scale to better understand the scope of what has been proposed. You can then capture those mark-ups from any angle using the VR Screenshot.

Let's say you've created a 3D markup of a pipe with a different colored arrow indicating the direction of flow, and you want to convey both the proposed pipe's orientation and flow direction. You can move behind your pipe markup and take a VR Screenshot to show the direction of the run, then move to the side of the same mark-up and take another VR Screenshot to show the flow direction arrow. The same procedure can be used to convey equipment arrangements, architectural additions and more.