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Please Note: Currently all Webinars are for the GMT+8 Time Zone  (More Time Zones Coming Soon!)


4D Work-Sharing Workflow in Fuzor

February 18th 12:30-12:45PM GMT+8

Fuzor Sequence Animation

February 20th 12:30-12:45PM GMT+8

Introduction to Create Dialog for Event Trigger

March 3rd 12:30-12:45PM GMT+8

Introduction to Design Options with Event Trigger

March 5th 12:30-12:45PM GMT+8

Fuzor Equipment Animation

February 25th 12:30-12:45PM GMT+8

Introduction to Split Geometry Tools in Fuzor

February 27th 12:30-12:45PM GMT+8

Webinar Overviews

4D Work-Sharing Workflow in Fuzor
  • How to use the "Merge" app in Fuzor to combine the 4D work from different team members
  • The difference between "Append" and "Merge"
Fuzor Sequence Animation
  • Applications of sequence animation
  • How to animate your own construction equipment from a Sketchup model
  • How to add a Sequence Animation to the schedule
  • How to export and import Sequence Animations in Fuzor
Introduction to Create Dialog for Event Trigger
  • Part 1. Dialog on PC
  • - Dialog Basic
  • - Dialog Multiple Selection
  • - Adncance Multi-Selection
  • - Dialog Slider
  • - Dialog Image
  • Part 2. Dialog in VR
  • - Yes or No VR Dialog
  • - Slider VR Dialog
  • - Multi-Choice VR Dialog
Introduction to Design Option with Event Trigger
  • Create Design Option
  • Create Multi-Choice Dialog
  • Create Event Trigger for Design Option
Fuzor Equipment Animation
  • Grab the soil with Excavator
  • Use the truck to transport the soil
Introduction to Split Geometry Tools in Fuzor
  • Split geometry by level
  • Split geometry by interval
  • Split geometry by selection

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