Avatar Customization and Wheelchair Mode

Fuzor's Avatar is customizable for both look at function. A variety of looks are available from business casual to sportswear to Doctor's coats available in our Medical downloadable content pack. Along with the look, you can also change your height as well as switch your avatar between male, female, child and vehicle types. Additionally there is also a wheelchair navigation mode.

Fuzor's Avatar customization serves several purposes. The most obvious is to create a desired look. Additionally, changing height and type provides a sense of perspective when looking and occupant size. It also assists in making access considerations when utilizing the wheelchair and vehicle modes.

Clients have used our avatar customization for multiple purposes. Altering the avatar height helps validate concerns for tall clients while wheelchair mode lets users test access ramps, sidewalk clearances and curbs. For a more intuitive vertical clearance check on parking garages and bridges, use vehicle mode with the van.