4D / VR-Ready Viewer Generation

Fuzor lets you generate a standalone executable viewer for distribution. The Viewer grants stakeholders the ability -to navigate your project just as you would without requiring them to have the Fuzor software. The standalone viewer provides avatar and free camera navigation controls and render mode controls. Annotation creation is also available in the viewer, as well as visibility controls and the ability to switch between available saved views and create additional saved views.

Like the main program, the Viewer is VR-ready. If recipients have access to the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, they can freely explore the project in VR. Additionally, if you have purchased Collaboration Viewer keys, a Collaboration version of the viewer can be generated that can connect to real time peer-to-peer collaboration sessions.

Click the following links to learn more about the Collaboration Viewer and Real Time Peer-to-Peer Collaboration.

Since Fuzor's standalone executable Viewer can be opened and run by anyone, even those without Fuzor, it is ideal for project review and presentation, as well as for acquiring feedback. Also, like the main program the viewer can support point cloud viewing in VR, making it the only product on the market that can distribute this as a project deliverable.

The viewer has been used by our clients for multiple purposes. By generating a viewer and making it available for download, stakeholders in remote locations are given the ability to walk their project without needing to travel to the host office.

The viewer also provides a logical and intuitive format for review and feedback. By incorporating Fuzor's design options into your saved views, then saving those into the viewer, recipients can switch between proposed options, make annotation commentary and save the annotations to send back for resolution and design incorporation.